Million Dollar Medical Transportation Company

What is the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Industry?

In no particular order, I'm going to share some positives that I have been witnessing in working with client-providers during this unpredicted crisis:

1. Outstanding deals on vehicle acquisition. Just in the last week, I've helped providers with about half a dozen acquisitions and the used vehicle market right now is phenomenal. Every time there is a crash, contraction, recession, or whatever you want to call it, it's a buyer's dream! Outstanding deals are already presenting themselves which leads to the next point.

2. Probably the best upside to the current situation is many providers who "don't know their A$$ from a hole in the ground" are done!

One of the reasons why I remain busy as heck is because we're working with multiple providers on acquisitions - buying out competitors who "don't know their A$$ from a hole in the ground" on the cheap. It's not that "the little guys can't survive" - quite the opposite. Rather, it's the naпve providers who thought this business was a easy as getting a Dodge caravan, working for a Medicaid broker, undercutting the private pay market and passing out business cards was the strategy for success - laughable!

So many of these "gypsy services" are flaking out and further "clearing the air" for those who are serious. For many of you who have been undercut by these half-A$$ services, leverage it!

Literally use this crisis to underscore and illustrate to facilities that "this is what you're left with" when you partner with less than capable providers. IE: You focus only on price versus quality and sustainability!

3. Many providers NOW see the importance and wisdom in what I've been preaching for years - having the right assets, pursuing facility contracts and agreements with hospitals, ERs, and associated medical centers.

The goal is to position yourself as a real and legitimate Second Responder - bottom line! It gives you "access," preferred opportunity and associated earning potential. Sorry, but a single operator deploying their own used minivan is NOT a serious provider and you're not going to be taken serious by hospitals, ER's and the like.

4. When this current pandemic has passed and "the dust has settled," you need to further "go on the offensive" to work and collaborate directly with the hospitals, facilities, and medical centers in developing Preventive Action Plans.

Many of you will recall how one of the single best strategies I deployed was my collaboration with hospitals. It's what led to us securing our biggest contract. It works - do it!

5. There's DEFINITELY going to be a ballooning-effect as we come through this pandemic so be prepared to get busy! All those elective and ambulatory surgeries and treatments are going to be rescheduled. In addition to existing medical necessities, you're definitely going to see an uptick in trip volume that will last a period of months before leveling off. Position yourself now!

How current is Joel’s ebook, “How to Build a Million Dollar Medical Transportation Company?”

Joel typically updates this resource between one and two times per year depending on the various changes in the industry. When you invest in “How to Build a Million Dollar Medical Transportation Company” you can be assured you will be downloading the most recent updated version.


Is “How to Build a Million Dollar Medical Transportation Company” offered in print form?

No, this resource is offered in ebook format ONLY and can be downloaded immediately following your investment.


Is “How to Build a Million Dollar Medical Transportation Company” applicable for my state?

Yes, despite differing policies and procedures in varying states, Joel’sebook is very much applicable for every state.


What separates Joel’s ebook from others designed to teach people how to start a medical transportation business?

In short, credibility, reliability, and accuracy. Joel is an iconic authority in the NEMT industry working with client-providers of all size ranging from one or two startup vehicles to fleets in excess of 100 generating several millions of dollars annually. In serving as a mentor and advocate, Joel continues to gain exclusive access and insight into changes throughout the industry. Such a unique macro perspective enhances Joel’s ability to more effectively coach client-providers on highly targeted strategies and techniques.

Unlike the vast amount of sludge filling the internet with inaccurate and false information, Joel provides real firsthand solutions based on personal experience as an NEMT provider, experience in helping and advising client-providers, and an incredible depth of understanding of various industry changes and conditions.

Other generic NEMT resources provide basic and general information designed to teach you how to become an independent operator. Needless to say, this is NOT the purpose of “How to Build a Million Dollar Medical Transportation Company.” Rather than teaching you how to build your own job, Joel is dedicated to teaching aspiring entrepreneurs on how to build a thriving and prosperous business affording more personal time, money, and freedom.


How much money can I make in the NEMT industry?

The sky is the limit. There is no way to accurately answer this question as each business is unique. There are many, many variables influencing each business to include local market conditions, startup capital, experience, level of competition, and much, much more. Joel advises and represents startup providers generating a few hundred thousand dollars per year to multi-million dollar businesses.

I would like to start my own NEMT business but I am unsure of where to start. Should I start with Joel’s ebook, his DVD Series, or his one-on-one coaching opportunity?


There is no right or wrong answer, it is entirely up to your personal preference and the learning method most ideal for you.

Joel’s foundational resource, “How to Build a Million Dollar Medical Transportation Company,” should be read and studied prior to watching his DVD Series. In addition to giving you a greater depth of NEMT knowledge,Joel’s ebook covers much of the necessary policies and procedures required for starting your business. Click here to download a copy of the Table of Content

Should you choose to start with Joel’s DVD Series you will receive a FREE copy of “How to Build a Million Dollar Medical Transportation Company.” It is important that you download and read this material before watching Joel’s DVD Series.

Joel’s DVD Series are high quality recordings of his live events and do NOT cover the same material as his ebook. His DVDs go into great detail discussing important topics such strategic marketing, preparing for contracts and service agreements, understanding Medicaid and the broker system, negotiating with brokers, integrating subcontractors into your business model, Q&A from members of the audience, and much, much more. Click here to learn more about Joel’s DVD Series.

Should you determine Joel’s personal assistance is ideal for helping you start or enhance an existing NEMT business you can reserve One-on-One coaching. However, please note that One-on-One coaching is a select opportunity based on availability. Due to commitments and obligations to existing client-providers, Joel must limit the number of client-providers retaining his services each month.

After making your One-on-One reservation we will ship DVDs and various training materials associated with your payment option. Once you have completed studying this material you will receive a questionnaire via email for Joel to learn more about you and your start point. Joel will then contact you and your 60-days of exclusive One-on-One will begin. Click here to learn more about One-on-One training with Joel.