How to Build a Million Dollar Medical Transportation Company
How to Build a Million Dollar Medical Transportation Company

Allow me to start by saying that it was a blast speaking with Joel; he really has a beautiful heart. In my case, not having a vehicle was a significant setback that consumed at least 80% or more of our conversation and time. A vehicle could come within a day or, like me, six or seven weeks later. With Joel and God's help, we did find a fantastic vehicle. Joel found me a vehicle that I wouldn't have found on my own.

Working with Joel was easier than I thought; I was apprehensive that Joel would ask questions I may not have the answers to. Clearly, you guys have a well-oiled machine going over there. The team was very responsive. I will give the overall experience in working with Joel five out of five stars.

Thank you,
Paula (Virginia)

Dear Joel,

I found your NEMT business via random YOUTUBE videos. After watching a couple of your videos, I was convinced you are the resource that I needed to reach my goals. I want to say that I am very grateful to you and your Team for assisting me to begin my NEMT business. That is, from purchasing my vehicles, building the website, picking out uniforms, decals, hiring my first employee, so on and so forth.

You and your Team have helped and continuing helping me tremendously. You all are very professional. I purchased your e-book and read it page by page (Side Note: I don't even read like that since I left college, but MAN you motivated me). This book is a gift and one of the very best investment I have made thus far (I call it the Bible for NEMT Business. It is worth every penny and more).

I watched/watch every one of your videos and read every email you send out. Your One-on-One couching and continuous council has been extremely helpful no doubt. For someone like me, just starting and brand new to the industry, you held my hand every step of the way. You showed me step by step what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. You created an Executive Welcome Packet for me with all the marketing material I will need. Your response time is on point, detailed and quick. Your team made sure I received all documents requested, etc., etc.

I received my market analysis few days ago and that just blew my mind. What a magnificent work your team did!! That was a lot of heavy lifting you all did. I am very appreciative for this. I just want to let you know that I feel very confident knowing that I can reach you for any questions I have and I will get a response back. NOW that is EPIC.

Lastly, thank you for teaching me about holding onto money unless it's absolutely necessary to spend it!!! I am very happy and pleased with the investment I made.

Thank you, Joel,
James (TX)

Hi Joel!

Thanks so much for the feedback. It was very helpful!!

I sent the proposal out earlier today with what you indicated so I�m waiting to hear what they have to say. I�m also meeting with some school councils at the end of this month for two school districts in our county. They want to contract with us. One indicated guaranteed revenue $50 round trip per student and $3 beyond 10 mile radius.

I�ll keep you posted of the outcomes. Thanks again for taking the time to advise and assist me!! I really appreciate it! Hopefully things work out in our favor.

Kathleen Camia

When NEMT was just an idea in my head I started looking for any helpful hints on the subject. I quickly discovered Joel's website and it didn't take me long to decide buying his ebook. The free information out there is always welcome, but I was looking for real substance, values and prosperity.

In reading Joel�s book I immediately saw the value of working with a true coach and signed up for his one on one coaching. I can definitely attest that Joel is a guru in his discipline. He has been quite literally placing my one foot in front of the other and helping me from the very beginning. Joel has led me through every little detail with patience, understanding and honesty. Joel has helped me with purchasing the right vehicles, branding my business, create the right policies, coached me through meetings with facilities, and so on. Many times Joel or his staff has even emailed me with reminders when we have been working on a specific project.

Investing in a legitimate business mentor is a step which should not be dismissed in today's changing and fast pace marketplace. If you are like me and have been thinking NEMT for a while and seeking help, I can hardly imagine you will find anything more valuable than the advice, direction, and feedback that Joel has to offer.

I have learned and benefited so much from Joel and his team that I have retained his services long-term. Being able to contact Joel and enlist his help with specific projects and agreements is priceless. If you are thinking of starting or need help in growing a NEMT business then I believe you will greatly benefit from Joel�s lessons and guidance. You can�t possibly go wrong!!

Thank you Joel and the supporting team!
Chris Pramatarov


I want to take a minute and sincerely thank you for all of your instruction and guidance over the last two months. You have been instrumental in every aspect of setting up our business, from our name and logo, to our website and everything in between. You even made sure we selected the "right" first van! Three months ago I knew absolutely nothing about the NEMT business, so I ordered your ebook, all of your DVD Series, as well as your on one coaching with market analysis. Doing so proved to be my best investment! You didn't just provide us with answers to our many questions you explained how and why you came up with what you did. You taught us how to think along the lines of a NEMT business!

As our company expands, we will continue to enlist your help with one on one coaching. If you are ever in our area, please look me up as I would like to thank you for everything in person.

Wishing you continued success!
Your Friend, Jacob Atwell

I found out about the Million Dollar Transportation Company by searching the internet. The ebook that I purchased was very informative. Although I was a business owner years ago, in a totally different industry, I was hesitant about starting another business. I contacted Joel and hired him for One-on-One coaching. It was like having a partner without actually having a partner. I was concerned that he would be too busy to respond to my questions, but he always responded in a timely manner. Having him as my coach gave me the confidence that I was lacking. His advice was priceless. I must admit that there were a couple of times when I didn't listen but I later regretted it. There were times that I wanted to quit but he encouraged me not to. Every time that I got off the phone with him after an encouraging conversation I felt like the next owner of a Million Dollar Transportation business, and thanks to Joel, I WILL BE.

Tanya S.

I had no NEMT experience prior to working with Joel. I first purchased Joel�s ebook �How to build a million dollar Transportation business�, and then enrolled in his coaching program. Joel greatly helped me put in place a solid business plan, and helped me avoid costly mistakes, from my company logo, website, vehicle selection, insurance, to staffing, etc.

When I started working with Joel, my goal was to purchase 3 vehicles, and start the business right away. Joel advised me to show him any car prior to purchasing it; however I didn�t take him seriously. I purchased a 2011 Ford Transit Connect cargo van (without telling him), and my plan was to convert it to a mobility van. As soon as Joel saw the picture of the car, he knew it was an emotional buy, and was not going to work for the NEMT business. He advised me to resell it before spending more money on it.

Over the following months, several times, I found vehicles that I thought were going to work, but Joel will not approve them, either because they were not ADA compliant, or have high mileage or too expensive for a start-up. I finally found one vehicle that Joel approved, and I am using it to start the business.

Joel is like a big brother, and is committed to the success of my business. Joel is definitely here to assist, he speaks from experience, and his advises are really precious. I plan to work with him for the years to come.

Wody Wodela

Transportation Start-Up Consultant Testimonial

My name is Yandra Lallave and I am the founder of Key Ambulette Service Inc, a new non-emergency Ambulette Company servicing the [Name] area. I would like to offer this

testimonial to share my experience in working with Joel and to encourage others who are looking for or considering Joel�s help.

My partner and I ventured into this business nearly 7 months ago, and boy has it been an interesting journey. The majority of our research stemmed from online information, books and communication with people in the field that is until I found Joel.

For the most part, the initial process was moving along well - that is until it was time to start negotiating contracts and coming up with strategic business plans. That�s when I enlisted the help of Joel Davis for guidance. I was, honestly, pretty reluctant to obtain Joel�s services. I wasn�t sure if he was an online scam or not so I decided to reach out to him via e-mail to test whether he would respond to my request. I wanted to feel Joel out a bit before committing to his services.

After expressing my concerns and worries in my e-mail, Joel immediately called me. I was surprised to say the least with his response time, or response at all. Joel was warm, informative and provided honest feedback - and he was advising me for free at that point.

Our working relationship with Joel has been great. When it came down to negotiations and contracts I was overwhelmed - simply lost to say the least. Joel worked with us and made the process as smooth as possible. I honestly do not know what I would have done without Joel�s guidance and expertise. Further, I thought I only needed transportation assistance. While that was certainly necessary, Joel�s negotiating expertise was a nice addition. Because of Joel, I am in the early stages of contracting with the 2nd largest transportation company in my region. That was beyond my expectations.

I cannot be more satisfied with Joel�s service. I hope to continue building a long lasting business relationship with Joel working with him in the near future.

Yandra Lallave

For any of you interested in getting the most out of your business, I would like to encourage you to enlist Joel's help. I first started with Joel in 2006 when I found him

online. I started with his ebook and DVDs. After studying his material, I started my NEMT company, "The Wheelchair Taxi." It wasn't long before I left my job of 20 years at UPS.

I have since attended multiple seminars and, with Joel's continued help and guidance, I expanded "The Wheelchair Taxi" and started "Quick Time Courier," a diverse courier service. Through my experiences and growing success I was able to author my own ebook, a

My life has been forever changed by leaving UPS and starting my own companies. I have achieved financial independence, make more money, have more freedom, flexibility, and personal satisfaction than I ever dreamed possible. I know it all sounds clichй, but I have personally experienced more success than I ever thought possible. And realistically, I could not have done it without Joel's continued help and mentorship.

I know what it is like to be short on money. I know what it is like to hesitate in spending money - especially for something you find online. But in speaking from first hand experience, investing in Joel's material and enlisting his help is the single best investment I could have ever made.

I continue to enlist Joel's help regularly. As I do my attorney, I literally have Joel on retainer because he has helped me negotiate many contracts and agreements with Social Services, some brokers, and with another company. As of this writing, Joel is literally helping me structure a new business model that I am confident will take my business and earning potential to a completely new level.

If you are serious about being successful, then I encourage you to enlist Joel's help. I know everyone thinks they are an expert - especially online, you never know who is behind the computer. But I can assure all of you that Joel is very much "real" and, because he works with business owners from around the country, there is no one with more depth of knowledge and understanding of the NEMT and home care industries.

I wish you all the best of luck with your business. I am living proof that there is nothing but opportunity out there, all you need to do is go and take it.

Carlos Banks

Hi Joel,

The rack card looks wonderful JOEL!!! I truly have no words good enough to thank you, and by the way I received the CC of the [UMTPG] letters that you sent to Felicia and Doug... it is amazing Joel. To say that this is the highest level of professionalism I have seen in this area is an understatement. Sincerely speaking, I have never seen any other

company using such marketing materials. I will take it to staples and have it recreated and printed. May I also thank you for the letters and even the certificate from UMTPG. I will enroll as a member today, thanks for reminding me. You have so far exceeded our expectations Joel and you do not know how grateful Grace and I are, right now. We strongly believe that our meeting and working with you is not a coincidence but the work of the living God.

Thanks Joel and God richly bless you.
Joseph Njenga


I just want to thank you for all of your hard work and efforts in the last few days in negotiating a contract that we needed help with at the last minute. Joel, you did your research and came up with one of the best proposals to date.

For everyone in the UMTPG, this is not my first time enlisting Joel's help. Last year we worked together on various negotiations and each and every time we were successful. I will tell everyone out there, this man is great at what he does and what really matters is that he cares about you and your family. Joel will not let anyone take advantage of you.

If you need help with your business, Joel's help will be the best investment for you and your family. I started out with 2 vans in 2010 and now I own 30 vans. We owe our success to God, Joel and a good friend Carlos Banks who endorsed and introduced us to Joel. Like anything, we had our doubts.

I am proud to say we are a million dollar transportation company and still growing. But guess what, whenever I have questions or concerns I don't hesitate to pick up the phone and call Joel. He is worth every penny and is an invaluable resource. Seeking his counsel has been the best investment since my Google stock went public! LOL!

Christopher P. Land

This is definitely the best day ever for me, finding out about this "life changing" information. I watched a YouTube video about Mr. Joel Davis's million dollars non-emergency transportation service. It inspired me even more to thinking about this idea as I thought about it for over a year now. This is my relation to this idea of business; I work with or help take care of individuals with learning disability. By job title, I'm a direct support professional. Soon after a close friend of mine and I thought about starting a LLC non-emergency transportation company. We saw so many companies with the same idea growing by numbers. I know for sure I can make this service a lot more efficient and a professional one, which the experience I have gathered from my job will allow me to use that approach. Where my business partner ad I lacked from starting our own with a better professional standard was that not having enough information about how we can bill the Medicaid funding of the individuals we would like to serve. So, in the past year and some months I have gathered enough information regarding billing and other business related paper work. The video of Mr. Joel Davis boosted my motivation to another level. This feeling of knowing something can be accomplished is just awesome. May God bless America and Thank you Maximus Management Group & Mr. Joel Davis.

Biruk Desta

Dear Joel,

On behalf of all of us at Transport Care Services, thank you very much for all of your help. Because of you, we have taken on another broker not once, but twice and won both times! Words cannot express how

ecstatic we are for all of your coaching, guidance and mentorship! Please share this letter with any and all of your clients that don�t understand the value in your material and wisdom.

For anyone that doesn�t believe that Joel Davis is real or that he knows the industry, just call me and I will be more than happy to share with you how this man has saved me an untold amount of money as well as helped me make a lot more. Many people will pay a lot of money in attorney fees, but I don�t think any attorney could do for my business what Joel Davis has accomplished for Transport Care Services. I started with Joel�s ebook and DVD�s and later invested in his coaching. I have since retained his services a second time to help me with brokers in my area. We sought Joel�s counsel every step of the way and each and every time he has been spot on.

Joel has helped our business become much more efficient and profitable. Joel�s guidance has helped us avoid making some seriously costly mistakes and personnel decisions. From now on, I don�t plan on signing any Agreement without first gaining Joel�s experienced input. Joel has helped me with a total of four broker Agreement and each time we have received what we wanted. People kept telling me to just sign, but Joel showed me how to more pragmatic and to wait for the right deal. I am glad I remained patient and listened to Joel�s advice.

My advice to everyone reading this letter, retain Joel�s services. Join the UMTPG and study his materials. They are priceless! If you don�t believe me, call me and I will tell you personally.

Chris Land

Dear Joel,

On behalf of Christine and me, I would like to wish you and your wife a very Merry Christmas and happy holidays.

I want to send you this letter of sincere appreciation. Your help over this past year has been our single best investment. You have helped up get prepared for success in business and our personal lives. Your outside perspective and advice have helped us de-clutter and rid ourselves of many distractions and barriers that were preventing us from achieving the level of success that we want to achieve. I know if today�s day and age it is popular to throw the term �life coach� around, but with all honesty, you really are a great life coach because you have helped us improve our lives bottom line. We both agree that you have helped us save a lot of money versus wasting it on what we thought was the easiest strategy. We now have a clear direction for the new year.

Although we have not yet met in person, we consider you a long time friend. We value your friendship and honesty and look forward to continuing to work with you in the new year. We look forward to meeting you in person at your next seminar.

God does work in marvelous ways and our paths did cross for a reason.

Thank you again
Mark Howell


We hope you and your family are doing well. I know that you are probably very busy getting ready for your seminar. I and Lisa wish so much we could be there to see YOU, and also to meet other like mind entrepreneurs. I just wanted to give you an update on Right Path. We are soon approaching our 3 year anniversary in June. A day doesn�t go by that in some way we don�t think about YOU and how finding you and the MDT has been a blessing to our lives.

I know you remember the story of the gypsy NEMT guy. Just somehow he has not gone away until now. Last month we had a table at a vendor fair at a local event. We ran into someone that we have been in contact since we started in business. She is the admission coordinator in charge of getting new patients to come to her rehab facility. They have used the �other company� since before we were in business, because the other NEMT was CHEAP. We asked how things were going. She said that our name came up in a conversation at her facility. They have seen and heard a lot of good things about us in the community. They are tired of the service and unprofessionalism that they are receiving from their current transport company. They wanted to have a sit down meeting with us to see what it would take for Right Path to do ALL of their transportation. Long story short we now have a contract!

The whole time in negotiations we keep saying to ourselves, What Would Joel Do? Well, we did not back down from our current prices. We told them cheap and good DO NOT go together! Also, we had pictures! They saw pictures of us. Compared to the other company in action cutting corners and being so unprofessional with patients. They knew there service was not good but when they saw the pictures they were shocked. It�s good to watch your competition in action you can learn so much of what not to do and never to become. Joel, we just wanted to say thank you from the bottom or our hearts. You gave us the dream and kept us motivated with the kick in the butt that we sometimes need. It is so true what you say. �Put the patients first and the rest will follow�. One of these days I will start believing you.

LOL Sincerely your friends and followers,
Tim and Lisa

Hi Joel!! I pray this email finds you back home safely with your family. WOW!!!! Words cannot express how grateful I am that I found you on the internet and you are mentoring me on the startup of my NEMT business. I can't say enough on your seminar. Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity. My husband and I learned so much and we are so excited on this new venture. You are truly a talented man and we appreciate the opportunity to meet you and attend your seminar.

Again thank you for the opportunity. Keep doing what you are doing. You are truly a blessing and have blessed my life.

See You at the Top!!
Nakia Martineau-Grimes

I am sending this email as a testimonial in support of Joel Davis for anyone considering his help. I started with Joel's ebook a few years ago and then my wife and I attended one of his seminars in 2011.

I first retained Joel's services in December of 2012 to help with a contract for a network of hospitals in our area. On March 20, 2013, I am very proud to say that we finalized a 3 year contract that we project to be an average of $360,000 annually.

When we were first considering this bid we knew we needed Joel's help. He has been involved throughout the entire process. From valuation to submission and then negotiating final details Joel has done an incredible job in drafting letters and counter offers.

For everyone reading this I encourage you to listen to Joel's advice and guidance. The company that I used to work for before starting my transportation company spent tens of thousands of dollars annually in legal fees to keep a lawyer on retainer. If you are serious about your NEMT business you need to keep Joel Davis on retainer. Our new contract is valued at over $1,000,000 over three years which means that Joel's help has been "priceless."

Thanks for everything Joel,
Gregory Marks, VA

Hi Joel,

It was great talking last night [One-on-One Training]! In full disclosure, I was a little nervous going into the conversation as I knew that it would be the barometer for whether or not I was wasting money and time on an engagement where someone was going to tell me what THEY thought I wanted to hear. Of course, that concern quickly dissipated after seeing you had no problem with exposing the challenges with my strategy for business launch and transitioning from current sources of income.

What I realized after getting off the phone was that if I simply had the ability to step back and look objectively at the facts, without emotion, the course of action was a no-brainer. Until our call, I had closely guarded the facts surrounding my situation which led to an inability to challenge assumptions core to my approach.

Thanks for the perspective adjustment!
David James

This �letter� is for those of you who are thinking about NEMT as a business. Before

reading any further, shut off the TV, turn off the radio, clear the room, close the door and pay attention. First, since you are reading this, you have found The Man, Mr. Joel E. Davis. If you ask me, the �E� stands for a few things:

E is for Empathy � Joel understands what it�s like just starting out in this industry. He�s been there, done that and, like he says, had no one guiding him or helping him not only make the right decisions but to make sure he didn�t make the wrong ones. So, he really went to the school of hard knocks when starting his NEMT business. All I do is ask and Joel answers with a �Yes, do this� or �No, don�t do that� and then explains why or why not. After which, it makes nothing but sense. Trust this guy. If I had not asked, I would be in deep!

E is for Endless Resolve � In the beginning, he almost threw in the towel, but quickly shook that off � thankfully for all of us � when he realized that there�s �gold in them hills��.gold as far as riches one receives from helping others � feels REALLY good - and riches as far as profits from this thriving industry. There�s truth to the saying �Take care of the people and the money will follow.� I am experiencing it firsthand. Though it�s not pouring in � I just started a few months ago � I can definitely see how this is going to be big�in more ways than one. Like Joel says, �Controlled Growth� is where it�s at. When you have time, read Napolean Hill and the �3 Feet From Gold� story. Joel won�t give up on you, so don�t give up on yourself. Get up early, get out there and keep going! His Endless resolve has paid off for him and now he�s paying it forward by helping others.

E is for Encouragement � Joel seems to know just the right times to call. When one is in the trenches, digging and clawing, sometimes it�s hard to give oneself encouragement. Just when it�s needed, my phone rings, and I hear that barreling voice, �Big, Mitch!� , and a calm washes over me because I am reminded that I am not in it alone. Yes, I can re-read the E-book � yet another E - and I can watch the videos again � which I have done many times and keep learning each time � but it�s really, really nice to know that Joel backs up what he says when he states that he�ll be there for you. I don�t know how he finds the time for how busy he must be, but he�s been there for me and I�m sure he�ll be there for you, too. Joel�s encouragement is welcomed, spot on, and appreciated more than he could know because it can�t be said enough.

E is for I�ll End with this�I have researched this industry on how to start and what it takes before AND after just coming across Joel. Knowing what I know now, I would have saved some time if I had stopped with Joel. I didn�t look after signing up with him, I looked before actually enlisting his help because I was trying to find cheaper, even FREE, advice. We all know what you get for �free�. Everything you need to know you�ll find with Joel. It takes money to make money and his information and help are beyond worth it. Although it�s not rocket science � no offense � there are many things to know and do to not only start off on the right path, but to stay there, too. You�ll find both of those - and them some - with Joel. If you love helping others and you give enough other people what they want, you will get what you want. The people we help in this industry are tremendously grateful for it and I am even more grateful to be in the position to offer such help. A HUGE part of that is thanks to Mr. Joel E. Davis. Either do or do not, there is no �Maybe�. If you Do, then look no further, you�ve come to the right place. Enlist in Joel�s help. I can personally say that you won�t be sorry. I feel that I have found a friend and not just a mentor�he makes you feel that comfortable. Maybe it�s just me � but I doubt it. I can only imagine that the many, many others Joel helps feel the same way. Stop reading, start learning, and get going! NOW!

Even though this letter is for YOU, the one �thinking� about joining the NEMT industry, I still want to give a BIG Thank You to Joel E. Davis for all the help, encouragement, information and especially the friendship that I have received. And Yes, you WILL see me at the top and we�d LOVE for many other NEMT providers to join us!

Thanks Again!
Mitch Angelo