How to Build a Million Dollar Medical Transportation Company

Dear Friend & Fellow Entrepreneur,

As many of you know, I recently began offering a Market Analysis with “Option Three” of my Exclusive 60-Day Coaching Opportunity. The feedback and appreciation has been awesome for which I could not be more pleased to be of assistance!

Over the last few months I have received many emails from those of you who I worked with previous to offering this Market Analysis requesting the opportunity to re-invest without having to pay full price of coaching. Well, this opportunity is in response to your inquiries!

By taking advantage of this exclusive opportunity, my team and I will develop a detailed Analysis that is 100% unique and specific to you and your business. In fact, we literally use your business address as the focal point in defining potential opportunities within your market.

"Awesome....can't thank you enough for the help! This gives us a great start point that we otherwise wouldn't have. We are going to start following up on these leads right away and defining our sandbox."

Thanks again,
Jacob Alvarez

Many of you will recall me talking about “Defining Your Sandbox the realistic target area you plan to operate your business. Obviously, as your size and abilities grow, you can expand the size of your Sandbox and, thus, increase your profit-earning potential.

When developing your Market Analysis, we work to find and contact all potential opportunities within a 30 – 45 mile radius of your location. We research nursing homes, hospitals, dialysis centers, day-hab facilities, independent living facilities and even your competitors within your Sandbox.

More specifically, we literally call each and every facility to determine who the decision-makers are so that you have a “warm market” to solicit and market your business.

We work to find the names, type of facilities, addresses, phone numbers, distance from your location, the appropriate contact person(s) and title, and further general information for each facility.

We also research your level of competition – documenting the names, type of service, addresses, distance from your location, and websites for any potential competitor that is currently operating within your Sandbox.

Again, in conducting our research, we literally call each and every facility to determine their level of need and who is responsible for coordinating transportation with vendors. Obviously, this targeted Analysis is going to save you a LOT of time and provide you with an incredible advantage in soliciting them for business.

After defining your Sandbox, you need to develop a strategy of implementation – a realistic and pragmatic strategy to start marketing and providing services. Obviously, your Market Analysis will be of great use in developing your strategies and writing your Business Plan.

"Thank you Joel to you and your team. The additional leads are great! It is going to save us a lot of time and leg work. We were planning on approaching some of the facilities on the list but the contact names is going to make our job that much easier. We look forward to your help in refining our plan for approaching these contacts. "

See you at the Top!

John and Celeste Castore

In addition to investing our time and effort, what also makes this Analysis opportunity so convenient is we know what questions to ask to determine the facility’s needs and decision-makers.

This opportunity is ideal for those of you simply too busy to invest the time and effort into proper research and making phone calls.

Because this opportunity is so exclusive and customized to your specific needs, it does take time. So when you enlist our help in developing your Market Analysis please allows at least a few weeks – more if demand is great.

Needless to say, we put forth great effort in contacting each lead. Because we do make many phone calls, we typically do have to leave messages and sometimes play “phone tag.” All such efforts do take time so again please allow us at least a few weeks to adequately develop your Market Analysis.

As always, should you have any questions on the status of Market Analysis, please feel free to email us and we will be more than happy to provide you with update.

I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity ONLY if you are serious about moving forward with your business and you wish to gather key contacts and opportunities within your Sandbox. I trust you can imagine the demand and the time required for each Market Analysis. So please, only if you are serious. We can’t afford to waste time!

Some more important details regarding this exclusive opportunity are as follows:

  • Your Market Analysis will be delivered in the form of an Excel Spreadsheet ONLY

  • This is a first-come first-serve opportunity

  • Time of development can take many weeks depending on many variables. As of today, projects are taking between 9-10 weeks for development so ensure you plan your project accordingly. It is impossible for us to make guarantees on time to completion.

  • After investing in this opportunity, you NEED to email us with the address of your business or the location you wish for us to use as the focal point in defining your Sandbox

  • This specific Market Analysis opportunity does NOT include ANY personal One-on-One coaching from me or members of my staff. If you are interested in 60-Days of coaching, Click Here

  • We cannot guarantee complete accuracy for each lead. There are occasions when we leave multiple messages and simply receive no return phone calls. Under such circumstances, there is nothing we can do other than provide as much information about that lead as possible

  • The difference in price between One-on-One coaching with and without a Market Analysis is $500. Thus, to be fair to those who invested more, this exclusive opportunity is ONLY $500 which includes all expenses. If your project takes excessively long because of the number of leads we need to pursue, you still ONLY pay $500!

  • Because there is the possibility that, at times, we may have too many reservations for Market Analysis,’ we reserve the right to discontinue this exclusive opportunity with little to no advance notice. However, we will absolutely honor and fulfill any and all paid reservations. Again, this is a first-come first-serve opportunity so do not delay in taking advantage!
  • Because the development of a Market Analysis is a custom project requiring a great deal of time and effort, under no circumstances do we offer a full or partial refund.

How to Build a Million Dollar Medical Transportation Company


Again, thank you all for your emails and interest in this opportunity and my associated resources. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office at (607) 343-3690. Or, if you’re ready to get started, click the link below and let’s get started!


See you at the Top!
Joel E. Davis
Founder, the United Medical Transportation Providers Group

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